Imagine your organization with happier people:

They make cool stuff, are healthier physically and mentally, and stay around longer. Think about the extra time you’d have if you didn’t have to poke and prod to get things done. 

Heart Based Leading? To make it really simple, it's showing that you love and care for your people as you invest in them as part of your organization's purpose. When you love your people so they can feel it, they'll give you their absolute best. 
You get what you give. Win your people's hearts and they'll win your customers'. 


What happy People look like

Have you ever walked into a place where people are moving fast, aligned and abuzz with positivity? You can see and feel that people are working together with drive and commitment to each other; with purpose, as they’re highly productive in getting things done.  They celebrate their achievements together.  You immediately want to be part of it, and you say, “I want that!”  You don’t just say, “that was nice.” You say, “I want that!” 

I’m truly fortunate to take part in growing and guiding organizations into becoming places where their people are happy and fulfilled. They challenge, and at the same time, support each other in efforts to be awesome. They make the world a better place, starting with their work.

I’m pretty sure you’ve also experienced this though, the sad opposite, people working, unhappily, and or unhealthily, stressed and spending their days at the expense of their own lives and families.  Sometimes, we’ve even taken part in this, or inadvertently, caused it for ourselves and our companies.  We end up with unhappy, or neutral people, who simply don’t do as well as our happier counterparts. 

Which of these two places do you work?  Which one do you want? You can change it!

I started Heart Based Leading to make our work worlds fun and better places for the 8-10 hours that we're away from our families. Why? So, that we go home happier and fulfilled at the end of our productive days, and in turn, we're better people to our families, with our friends and in our communities. 

It all comes down to taking care of our people and relationships. Our people have to know, and more importantly feel, that they matter.  And, that has to be genuine.  It’s about heart.  When we care for our people by creating and tending to an influence system that fosters happiness, emotional and physical safety, teamwork, and combine that with a will to make our purpose come to be, our people flourish!

The best way that I found so far, show you care for your people from the perspectives of 4 areas: People, Culture, Teams and Leaders.  Yeah, I start with People, the individuals who work together to make things happen. Nothing gets done without them, so give them the emotional and physical environment, and the tools, to do an amazing job. Which people do the best, the ones you love or the ones you tolerate? 

When it comes to Culture, we control our own fate, and altogether, we must be purposeful and active, because we create a culture that’s either positive, safe and challenging or negative and detracting. Every day we get to choose what kind of a world we live in. What plays out from the mix of all your people, teams and leaders, that reveals your corporate culture: what you truly value, tolerate, accept and reward. It will either promote, invite and inspire great caring, thinking and teamwork, or it won't.

We work together and group ourselves into, and take part on, multiple Teams in our organizations. Sometimes, the teams are task or project related, and at other times, proximity or relational in nature. Our teams function best when our people care for each other; when they demonstrate empathy and foster psychological safety as they encourage and challenge each other.. Meet

And amongst all that, we discover, create and develop Leaders in our midst. Leaders aren't determined by authority and rank. They are not necessarily subject matter experts. They are the people who go first in caring for their teams and inspire them to find better ways; they invite their people into higher performance and getting things done. They resist coercion and foster inspiration.

You and your organization have a purpose and your people can respond amazingly. You and your people can learn how to develop emotional strengths and positivity approaches.  You can create a safe, happy and teaming environment where your people want to, and willingly work as highly effective teams. 

People follow people, people follow purpose and people follow pay; in that order.  Why not make sure, your highest influence, that all the people in your organization are worth following, and making your organization an awesome place work. 

I’d love to work with you and your people.  I want that.