Who Me?

I'm a guy who loves to find ways to make workplaces happy, healthy and fun through coaching and mentoring. That's my GAS (Give-A-Sh!#). We all have stuff that really matters to us. That's mine. I get pure enjoyment when I hang with people, helping them to grow together, to solve tough and valuable problems. Helping people find their fawesome*, that's the goal. It's what we're meant to do and how were meant to be. And it has everything to do with the heart.

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Our emotions either accelerate or inhibit our efforts. The hardest thing that we try to do- anything that runs into our emotional walls. That's why I encourage leaders, teams and individuals to go straight to the heart first. When we connect in why we're together, and care for and give trust to ourselves and each other, our hearts become inspired and aligned. It's kind of simple, happy people who care for each other, well... they outperform those that don't. I guess that makes me a coach and evangelist for heart based leading and culture, and creating workplace happiness. 



Coaching First, Then consulting


When finding what's getting in your way, or, what's got you or your team really stuck, coaching's a great place to start. Our work together, helps you hold the focus on the hearts & heads of you and your teams. It's surprising that most the time, you already have the answers or, they're within your reach. It's the simple and often difficult shift that's needed to feel OK, and then to act on your decision that's right for you. You ever ask yourself, "Why can't I get this stupid little thing done? Ugh!" You probably even know what to do. Often, and at this point, we’re focused on things outside of ourselves and become emotionally isolated and stuck. We see what we can’t do.  

Contrast that to when we're focused on what’s inside (funny- that's the stuff in our control), we find that, we can do. In our work together we'll seek to connect you with your own why and to care for yourself, and, give yourself trust. Your can-do on the inside enables your can-do on the outside. The best part about good coaching, is that you and your teams take full and empowered ownership over your own solutions. Coaching is about you solving it. You get the win, and, the momentum and confidence to take on bigger and better things.

You might notice that I mention "you", a lot. That's because, you and the leaders of your organization are the biggest impactors of your work environment. Not sure about that? Well, the majority of people quit their bosses, not their jobs. Your presence, caring, actions and inactions, determine whether your people naturally commit their hearts to taking care of each other as they solve your internal challenges and customer's problems, or not. Those organizational processes you impose don't make your people care. You do. You can be a source of inspiration.

Gracie hanging out with me in the office. 

Gracie hanging out with me in the office. 


I'm more than happy to put on my consulting hat for you too, albeit, I'll still use a coaching approach. I find that asking the deep and inspiring questions, educating, explaining, showing and guiding, and then asking what will work for someone, works better than telling.

Over the last 25 years in education and work, I've had the wonderful fortune of people sharing their incredible hearts and skills with me. This allowed me to develop abilities in the following areas where I like to help others: People Operations, International HR, Company Culture, Employee Engagement, Behavioral Social, Psychological and Neurological Sciences, Leadership Development, Agile, Lean, TQM and Teaching. In my service with you, I'm more than happy to pass on what I've learned. Oh, I might be pretty good with dogs too.